Why Am I Blogging?


Why Am I Blogging?

Happy Friday, everyone. This makes my 5th blog post of the year and the 5th one I’ve ever posted in this lifetime. School is going well so far this semester and I’m happy to say that I have completed two weeks of coursework, and now I only have 13 weeks left of school left. After that, I’ll have my Associate’s Degree in Accounting. I’ll be ready to start searching for a job in the field. I’m almost done with my 3rd week of coursework because I’m trying to get ahead somewhat before my surgery on Tuesday. It’s nothing major so no worries there. I’m sure I’ll have an interesting blog post the Friday after my surgery on account of being medicated for pain, haha. I’ve been thinking about this blog and the direction I want to go with it. Some questions I’ve asked myself are:

Why am I blogging?

Who is my audience?
Do I want to do this forever?

Do I want to do this forever? Forever might be too high of expectations for me as I’m generally impulsive, and if you have bipolar disorder, you know all too well how we can have grandiose thinking. We go big or go home. But, in all reality, I feel like I do want to blog for quite a long time. I’m enjoying this. It gives me something to look forward to every week. Each week I get to talk about something different whether it relates to bipolar disorder or not. It’s my blog and I get to write about things I’m passionate about.

Who’s my audience? You know, I’d like to say, everyone. This is a mental health blog about my experience with bipolar disorder. But, I’d like to think that what I write about can help more people than just those with bipolar disorder. I feel like anyone who reads this could benefit from it even if they never have been diagnosed with some sort of disorder or mental illness. We all have the responsibility of taking care of our mental health – every single one of us.

am I blogging?
Well, the main reason is that I enjoy writing. It’s a way for me to express myself so that I can get all of my circling thoughts out of my head. When I write, it is very therapeutic for me. I believe writing is something I should have tried to enjoy a whole lot more when I was younger. Blogging is a place where I can write about my own life for others to read which is a very liberating feeling. This is a place where I am trying my best to be vulnerable to show others that they can too. I think when we bottle things up we can end up hurting ourselves in the long run as well as others. I intend to help myself right alongside all of you helping yourselves. After all, we are in this together.

Writing is therapeutic.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that creating this blog is as much about you as it is me. I would like you all to get out of reading what I write as much as I get out of it from writing it. I get to share my thoughts on life for a therapeutic effect for myself, and I hope you all can benefit from it in some way. The world is a difficult place to exist in, and if I can help make your life a little bit better through this blog, then I believe my time on earth writing blog posts is well spent. Who else out there is a blogger, and what are your reasons for blogging? Comment below

2 thoughts on “Why Am I Blogging?

  1. Kellie J Wright says:

    Great blog, Tommy, and in a perfect world a blog accomplishes all of the things you mentioned. I have, so far in my journey, come to believe that every day is perfect, and as it is because it is so beautiful to be alive. Even when the outside or inside are not matching up if we keep writing and sharing – the blog goes on. Kellie J

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