This Feeling Is Temporary

This feeling is temporary. Another one will come. It’ll be tough sometimes. But mostly it is a balancing act.

Keep it simple. Consume less. More is NOT the answer. More leads to an overextending of yourself.

Less leads to space. The more space the better. The void or space in between leads to better experiences during the doing of life. The void in between must be embraced.

The moments will be super uncomfortable for quite some time, but eventually the loneliness, the self-doubt, and the urge to get-up-and-go will all go away, and so will many other feelings.

The feelings will be felt though! The purging of bottled up emotions will come to the surface. You must accept them, then let the feelings go. Hanging on will be harmful to your body and you.

It is okay. It is safe to let go. Accept everything. Then move on with confidence and strength. It’s okay to cry. 

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